The Gucci Marmont Velvet Shoulder Bag

Gucci Marmont Velvet Shoulder BagThis bag is the perfect mix between functionality and femininity… 

Ever since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of Gucci, the brand has been booming! There are always so many stunning pieces in each collection that it, sometimes, becomes hard to keep track of all the IT-bags. The collection that has probably had the most success is the Gucci Marmont Collection. This collection became huge pretty much the minute the brand released it. The bags especially are breathtaking! But my personal favorite is the Gucci Marmont Velvet Shoulder Bag.

This bag is just amazing. It’s quite simple yet very sophisticated. The Marmont Collection is mostly made out of leather but there are a few designs that are made of velvet. The velvet texture gives an extra spark to the bag if you ask me. Yes, it is more of a hassle to own because you cannot wear this bag when it’s raining but to me, that’s totally worth it! The bag is quite simple, but this means that the details that are present, will stand out even more. The chevron quilting of the bag is really pretty and combined with the GG hardware, it becomes phenomenal. Fun fact, the GG hardware used for this collection is not something new. Gucci actually got its inspiration from a buckle that the brand designed in the 1970s. This is something that can be quite tricky, as nowadays, everything needs to feel modern. But this is exactly the case for this bag!

Gucci Marmont Velvet Shoulder Bag

Another cute detail is that there is a heart featured on the back of the bag. It’s not something that is shown to others that much, but I think that this is a cute detail to have just for yourself! The bag is super functional while also mixed with a touch of femininity. You can wear this beauty as a crossbody (my absolute fave) or you can wear it over the shoulder. The strap features a golden chain strap and a leather patch. The gold combined with the velvet is, in my opinion, something that you can never go wrong with. You might think that this bag is rather small but it can actually hold more than you would think. The only downside is that there is just one interior zipper pocket. So, if you like to put everything into different pockets, this bag might not be the perfect match for you…

Lastly, the Gucci Marmont Velvet Shoulder Bag comes in three different colors. Namely, black, fuchsia & petrol blue. If you want a bag that you can match with literally any outfit you’d like, I think black would be the go-to option. Do you prefer to stand out from the crowd and love to make a bag the center of attention? Then definitely go for one of the colorful beauties!

Which color would you pick?

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